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Sweet Pea 'Simple + Wild Mix'

Sweet Pea 'Simple + Wild Mix'

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A sampling of some of our tried and true sweet pea varieties! Note that your mix may contain different colors than shown, but all will be beautiful and fragrant. A lovely way to dip your toes into the world of sweet peas.

Plant Details:
  • Sun Requirements: Full. In warmer areas, afternoon shade is helpful
  • Height: 6'-8'
  • Pinching: 6" tall
  • Days to Maturity: 70-80
  • Spacing: 6"-8"
  • Package Contains: Appox. 10 seeds

How to Grow:

In areas with a mild winter, seeds can be sown in the fall. Otherwise, plant in the spring a minimum of 6 weeks BEFORE your last frost date. Sweet Peas are cool weather plants. Provide trellis support for vines.

*Note: Sweet peas are poisonous if eaten. Use extreme care around children and pets*



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