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Hey there, I’m Terri! I began growing flowers commercially in 2017, primarily for the wedding and event market. While growing beautiful flowers for this high end market, I was also experimenting with varieties people had told me couldn’t be grown here and working on some of my own hybridizing projects. All of this on top of working a regular day job and trying to manage family life with my husband and three boys. After years of stretching myself thin and suffering constant burn out I realized that I needed to get back to what I love the most. Learning! Whether it’s trialing new varieties, trying my hand at hybridizing, or experimenting with growing techniques - this is what drives me. And I want to share. I’m beyond excited to be partnering with one of Oklahoma’s premier growers, Kristin of Simple Acre Farm, to arm you with the knowledge that we’ve gained through our years of growing. Growing in the Southern Plains is challenging, there’s no getting past that. But we’re here to keep it real. We share the hard lessons learned as well as celebrate the beauty that comes with a successful growing season. Kristin and I use different growing techniques (I primarily use a no to low-till method), but instead of dividing us we see these differences as our strong point. Between our collective experiences, you will be able to choose what methods and techniques work best for you! You CAN have a garden overflowing with abundance. Let’s get started!

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Kristin - Simple Acre Farm

Hi, I'm Kristin. My husband and I have grown flowers for both wholesale and retail accounts for the past 5 years in central and west Oklahoma. We began growing cut flowers in 2018 and have expanded our operation every year to produce thousands of stems in central OK. However, after years of living in chaos while hustling to scale the business and the farm, I feel called to scale back production and refocus on the joy of growing. You could say I'm a recovering flower farmer who still believes in the healing power of growing and gifting flowers on a small scale. I'm thrilled to be partnering with one of the best growers in Oklahoma, Terri of Wild Lark Farm in Claremore, to teach you all the tips and tricks to grow beautiful flowers in your backyard. You can absolutely grow incredible flowers in the difficult Southern Plains and we're excited to let our past mistakes, failures, and successes help you flourish in your home garden this season. 

I believe that our gardens will look different during each season in our lives. As a mother of younger kids and a wife, I can't devote unlimited time (or money) to my garden. We utilize tilling, plant selection, and the least harmful pest solutions possible to still achieve our overall goals.

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Learn the tools you need to grow boldly this season

Do you wish you could grow beautiful plants like you see on instagram, but worry you just don't have what it takes? Maybe you tried gardening one year and by July you couldn't even stand to look out your window at the disaster that awaits you. Gardening should not feel stressful and it should not feel like toiling. You are in the right place, friend!

Welcome to a gardening collaboration between Terri Barr of Wild Lark Farm & Kristin Davenport of Simple Acre Farm. Two cut flower farmers from opposite sides of Oklahoma bringing the secrets of growing stunning flowers in the southern plains to your home. Whether you are a newbie or seasoned gardener, our years of failures and successes can help you grow beautiful flowers in our difficult climate - without spending excessive amounts of time and money!


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We want you to feel empowered to grow your own beautiful flowers. With our diverse growing conditions and techniques (from no till and organic, to tilling and traditional) you'll find tips and tricks that are sure to fit your lifestyle and circumstances. We're thrilled to get back to our roots of sharing the physical, mental and spiritual transformation of gardening. Growing a cut flower garden and sharing the struggles and triumphs with our judgement-free community is the therapy we all need!

If you've ever thought to yourself that you wish someone would walk you through what flowers to grow, when to start them, and how to grow them in our challenging environment, this is the community for you! We hope you will feel empowered to boldly grow with us this season with our proven seeds and bulbs and by following our blog, youtube channel, and social pages. All are welcome - both seasoned growers and newbies - to this cut flower community! Let's learn together.

Looking for a little more in depth help? Watch for upcoming courses to give you more guidance and one on one help with growing flowers.

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What are fellow flower enthusiasts saying?

"So beautiful!! I live on the east side of Oklahoma City. I want to grow my own just so I can enjoy them. You have given me so much hope to one day be able to go cut a beautiful bouquet for my table." - Lori S